Friday, April 25, 2008

100 Year Old Woman, Newly Minted Hunter, Is Local Best

Woman, 100, is top hunter

A 100-year-old Russian woman who took up hunting because she was bored has been declared the best hunter in her area.

And the only other person able to keep up with Maria Pokacheva, 100, is another granny aged 90.

Pokacheva has shot 65 squirrels, rabbits and other furry mammals, and her pal Anna Vandymovu, 90, has managed 58.

Both women are being hailed by local politicians from their hometown Kogalym where hunting prowess is highly regarded as an example to the young.

"They are true free spirits and we are very happy to count them as among our own," a spokesman for the mayor Sergei Kakotkin says.

The women have been invited to a special ceremony by local MPs where they will be awarded for their hunting achievements.

Free spirits indeed! Boredom will kill you. Roll with the punches by keeping yourself entertained and maintaining a sense of self-efficacy, which promotes further independence.

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